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Side-blade snow plough SFR-G22K
Side-blade snow plough SFR-G22K

This snow plough has a plastic glide surface and the open blade shape provides optimum snow flow. The ZAUGG trip edge system guarantees safe passage over obstacles. It is equipped with parallelogram lifter and swivel cylinder which fit the VSS attachment plate size B and enables compact lateral attachment to trucks.


Plough Length

300 - 390 cm

Number of elements

2 - 3 elements


Side-blade snow plough SFR-G22K   300-2 390-3 390-3*
Number of elements pcs 2 3 3
Plough length A cm 300 390 390
Plough height at the outside cm 130 130 130
Plough height inside cm 55 55 55
Clearing width B at a blade angle of 45° cm 212 275 320 at 55°
Weight with VSS-B attachment plate approx. kg 660 770 900
*Anschlussplatte EN154342 F1 mit hydr. Verriegelung        
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